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20 years in SMTP provider

Authenticated Sending

SPF, MX, rDNS, DKIM Signing improves the inbox placement of maximum mailbox Delivery & Inbox

High Email Delivery

From Our Platform to going High Volume with High Delivery Rate Email, For Sending mail We Using Online Based App

Redundant Infrastructure

Multiple Servers in the Europe and Asia for increased reliability & Each IP comes with rDNS Configured.

100% Uptime SMTP

Our Server Is cloud Base, Here no Downtime. We provide 100% Uptime Guarantee For our SMTP Email Server.

Managed Service

No more headaches of managing and maintaining your email server and IPs reputation We will take care it.

24/7 Customer Support

We Provider 24/7 Technical Support For Our Client, We Always try to provide best Premium Quality Support



Outgoing mail server configuration All information about the setup and the parameters of free and pro outgoing mail servers.


SMTP for mail clients Setting up an SMTP for Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and Windows Mail.


Email sending technology What’s behind the act of hitting “Send” when you write an email, and how to make it work perfectly.
SMTP Process

What We Do


Email delivery Tips and explanations about how to keep track of your outgoing emails and maximize deliverability.


How to configure your SMTP server and solve the most common problems, with a full list of all error codes.


What is an email whitelist, a blacklisted IP, and how to deal with spam issues.

SMTP Main Features

Quickly Deploy Guarantee

Within Short times of updating your DNS records you'll be able to reliably send outbound SMTP email signed with DKIM and configured with DMARC. And we will Delivery Order with All Everything Get Ready for instant Mailing.

High Delivery Rates

We use email marketing best practices to obtain high delivery rates, focusing on the best ideas and implementing these in SMTP Wizard. In addition, the program supports an integrated SMTP server.

Bypass ISP Limitations

While sending emails, you can use as many SMTP servers as you want. Number of threads and sending speed can be changed and customized —everything depends upon your needs.

High Speed Delivery

High Speed Delivery, Anytime & From Anywhere With Our SMTP your emails will be sent out more quickly than ever, with any Internet Service Provider in the world.

Spam & Unsubscribe Management

Spam & Unsubscribe Management You will be able to manage all soft and hard bounces, spam complaints, and delete the unsubscribed accounts.

Step By Step Tutorials

Step By Step Tutorials Learn by video how to configure your mail client with SMTP and start sending out emails. It’s extremely easy and it takes just a minute!

How to start ?


At First Choose Your Perfect SMTP Email Server Pack,Then Complete Order.


You will get our Payment gateway page,Now complete your Invoice.


After complete your Invoice, We Will Setup & Configured SMTP Then Delivery.

Our Complete SMTP Email Server Package

Micro Plan

$60 / Month
  • Per Day 75000 mails
  • Per Month 2250000 mails
  • 4 Dedicated IPv4
  • Get SMTP Credentials
  • Included Email Sending App
  • OneTime Setup Fee $40
  • BulletProof Non-Suspend SMTP

Economy Plan

$150 / Month
  • Per Day 300000 mails
  • Per Month 9000000 mails
  • 10 Dedicated IPv4
  • Get SMTP Credentials
  • Included Email Sending App
  • OneTime Setup Fee $40
  • BulletProof Non-Suspend SMTP

Advanced Plan

$260 / Month
  • Per Day 500000 mails
  • Per Month 15000000 mails
  • 25 Dedicated IPv4
  • Get SMTP Credentials
  • Included Email Sending App
  • OneTime Setup Fee $40
  • BulletProof Non-Suspend SMTP

Premium Plan

$350 / Month
  • Per Day 1000000 mails
  • Per Month 30000000 mails
  • 50 Dedicated IPv4
  • Get SMTP Credentials
  • Included Email Sending App
  • OneTime Setup Fee $40
  • BulletProof Non-Suspend SMTP

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

Can I send as, or any other hosted provider?

To protect against abuse and spam you can only send from a domain that you are the verified owner. The SPF policies require you to send mail via their mail servers.

Do you provide email list?

Yes, You can purchase email list from us as a addon before checkout page.

Why i need a exclusive domain for server?

We need a unique domain so we can set all resources correctly, is not possible to use a domain that points to a website or has an active email service.

I can use email lists and scraped email addresses?

Yes, you can send to any list. but try to use good email list for good result.

Customers will know that use third-party services?

No, the logo and signature of the system are customizable allowing you to remove any reference to our company.

What is your refund policy?

Refund will be granted only when the pmta or interspire is not working, if server has problems then we cannot help. e.g. DNS Issue, ip blocking, dnsquarey resolve issue.

I need to hire the server configuration?

No, the configuration service is intended for those who already have a machine and just need the installation and configuration service.

Do you provide server for mailing?

Yes, plans are complete there is no need to hire equipment or software licenses.

I can add more domains?

Is not possible and not necessary, we configure your machine so that each ip will respond exclusively by a derivative subdomain of the main domain.

Do you guarantee inbox of email?

We do not guarantee arrival in the inbox as this depends on the content sent and how the campaign was made, but we guarantee the perfect setting for all required signatures.

Can I do upgrade my plan?

Yes can upgrade at any time to request. We formatted your machine installed new resources and recover your backup.

Do I get access to demo of pmta and interspire?

No, We do not offer servers for test drive. Cause Its Dedicated SMTP, After order we setup and config then delivery.

Get Started! Quick and Easy

Our SMTP is the first choice for so many successful small businesses, because it helps you in increasing your ROI, send your email marketing campaigns easily and it will maximize your email response rates from email marketing.

High Performance

Our Server Cloud Base Network Speed 1 Gbps to 19 Gbps Its Helps For High Performance

Spam Guard

We have Monitoring Platform for Spam, We Track Our All IPs So if goes IP Blacklisted we change it

Enhanced Security

We Have Cisco Firewall For Security Purpose, So your Data Will Be Save and Secure.

Great Support

We Try to Provide 24/7 Premium Quality Base Great Support For Our Client.

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